Gandalfcoins, is a new cryptocurrency own by Gandalf Energia, an ES.CO. (Energy Service Company) with high professionalism specialized in renewable energies, monitoring of consumption, energy efficiency and projects for the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, certified ISO 11352 which mainly deals with instructing projects of efficiency regarding public lighting at the Public Administration. (Municipalities and Regions).

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In 2017, we trained and encouraged the GSE (Electrical Services Manager) over 157 projects relating to the implementation of public lighting interventions.

These projects resulted in the delivery of White Certificates (TEE) issued in favor of the municipalities for 5/8 years based on the type of intervention.

From this technical activity to date the company has received in approval and issue the following TEE:

• 14,358 TEE of which 5 years and 8 years are included in the fee.
This approval value was transacted on the bilateral market and ordinary market in 2017 as per the 2017 forecast balance and the 2016 financial statements; (about 2ML of turnover) The whole package of approved projects will guarantee the company future emissions for the following total TEEs:
• 75.999,00 TEE (TEE duration 5 years)
• 7,468 (TEE duration 8 years)
• TOT. 83.467 TEE
By discounting the value of the company portfolio to the current market value, it is estimated to be able to ensure total turnover/revenue for the entire period ,of Euro 39,229,490.00.

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Frequently asked questions

Need to know more? Here are some common questions.

The Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), or white certificates, represent the valorisation of energy savings obtained from efficiency interventions on sites or plants. The mechanism of white certificates ("Italian invention") has been assessed as a brilliant intuition to promote the rational use of energy, so as to attract great attention at European and international level. It is a model that is envied abroad (in particular in France and in England) and is also recognized by the European Union as a valuable incentive system.
The TEE incentives beneficaries are :

• Owners and promoters of improvements to energy efficiency (condominiums, clinics, sports facilities, construction companies) built on pre-existing systems (building envelopes and plants);
• Public administrations, investee companies and controlled bodies that have made improvements to the energy efficiency of their assets (public lighting, buildings and plants, structures of all kinds);
• Production activities in primary and secondary sectors that improve company energy performance through targeted interventions (engines, systems and services);
• Commercial activities and tertiary services, for the same purposes.
Our idea is to link the value of the new project TEE to our own cryptocurrency contract and offer as ICO to the market to Purchase Gandalcoins directly from this website and not through a decentralized exchange with a 50 % discount for a limit of time.
WHITE CERTIFICATES An incentive for companies that believe in the benefits of CO2 reduction in the atmosphere, as well as in the increase in energy performance, reducing waste and losses caused by un-optimized and irrational energy and investment.
ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES Connected to ease of access to the mechanism by relying on qualified operators in the sector.
BENEFITS IN TIME, optimizing the financial yield of CO2 reduction investments, a function of the cultural Mission and in line with the respect for the environment and the protection of our ecosystem.
ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Increase of the benefit on the ecosystem with daily actions related to the sharing of a new environmental balance. CUMULABILITY Incentive that enjoys a certain degree of cumulability compared to other forms of incentives.

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